For marketing and growth leaders

Focus on your successful campaigns and channels

Use our powerful multitouch attribution model to focus your efforts on campaigns that have a low CAC. Test new channels and optimize those that perform below average.


Speak the language of the c-level

Deliver your business reports in the key currency of any business: New business won, LTV, ROI, retention and impact on churn. Step away from meaningless numbers like traffic and marketing leads.


Find your best performing channels

What are the channels that actually work for your company? Which touchpoints drive the best conversion? And how much revenue do they contribute? enables you to answer those questions.


Which campaigns drive high ROI

Find the campaigns that deliver high levels of revenue at a low cost.


Does your content strategy work?

Understand what content delivers new leads and revenue for your company. Assign meaningful value to content to be able to prioritise between different elements in your content strategy.