What drives growth and revenue?

Dreamdata.io was born out of Lars and Ole’s experience as senior leaders in engineering and product in Trustpilot, a fast growing tech B2B SaaS company. They were part of driving Trustpilot forward to achieve high revenue growth, and in Trustpilot. As in many other B2B SaaS companies - growth was driven as a mix of marketing, product and sales activities. 

However, they struggled to create a common understanding across the business of what impact the different teams in the organization had. This meant that when Lars and Ole wanted to know what drove revenue they always ended up in silo-answers. This was due both to a data and tooling problem. If they wanted to know what drove our revenue they had to join data from product and website tracking, as well as marketing spend, CRM and revenue data and all other relevant data sources.

Lars and Ole wanted something that enabled them to look at data from a holistic point of view and show how sales, marketing and product influenced revenue.

They searched for a product that could do this, but did not find any.

The tools they found were mainly focused on one of the big silos of sales, marketing or product. Or they did not handle the complexity of the B2B buying journey where companies buy products and services over long time frames and are represented by multiple users.

Simultaneously Steffen, as the Head of Marketing at Airtame, helped scale the business from zero revenue to a double-digit million dollars during a three year period and was first hand trying to understand B2B attribution while battling diminishing returns as spend and projects scaled.

During his tenure at Airtame Steffen was a beta-tester of Dreamdata and was convinced by the unique insights that Dreamdata is able to provide people in charge of growth.

In the end Lars and Ole decided to built their own tool to make sense of all commercial data to be able to create holistic attribution models and lead scoring that looked across data, and Steffen decided to join them on this journey. That tool became dreamdata.io.


We value a strong engineering, product and growth culture where experimentation and data are at the centre. Our goal is to build a world class team with maximum autonomy for our team members. 


Ole Dallerup

Chief Technology Officer

Ole is a customer-centric and data-driven technology leader. He is passionate about putting technology to use to deliver real impact.

In his time leading technology at Trustpilot, he grew the technology team from 3 to more than 100 in 2 locations. Having enabled product growth to billions of monthly interactions he is experienced technology leader born in the cloud.

Formerly Ole was a technology advisory board member at Apigee.


Lars Grønnegaard

Chief Executive Officer

Lars is driven by the challenge of building products that have real impact. He is passionate about getting engineers, product managers and UX people together to discover and deliver products that their customers love.

Lars grew the Product and UX team at Trustpilot from 4 to more than 25 in his time as product leader. Before working at Trustpilot Lars worked in UX and product management positions at WPP and Omnicom Group.


Steffen Hedebrandt

Chief Revenue Officer

Steffen has an exceptional growth mindset, is data-driven by heart and loves all parts of scaling the commercial side of a business.

With his successful track record of scaling businesses and building teams at Upwork and Airtame Steffen truly knows the pain points of rapidly scaling marketing and growth first hand and will make sure that growth leaders concerns are reflected in the Dreamdata product.

Dreamdata.io - B2B Revenue attribution done right.


We’re proud to be backed by some amazing people