Event: Introduction to Segment and Customer Data Infrastructure Platforms (CDI's)

Dreamdata recently hosted an event in Copenhagen together with Segment.

The event focussed on Segment and introducing them and Customer Data Infrastructure Platforms (CDI's) to some of the fastest growing tech companies in town.

Big thanks to TwentyThree for lettings us borrow their awesome event venue.

We made a video to recap the event and learnings from the day. Watch it in this post.

The DIY-guide to tracking your B2B ABM funnel 🛠

It’s important that you do good link tracking and identification. Listen to it. Man, it’s boring. Like, seriously boring. Watching paint dry and grass grow, boring.

However to be data driven, to do good B2B attribution and to understand whether your accounts are progressing through the pipeline as you would like them to is absolutely vital.

Bad tracking, hence bad data, is the root cause of most bad decisions, on growth, on business, on most things, really. That so, even more if you run a B2B business. 

Here’s what you will get in this tracking-geeky post:

  • You will get understand what an identification event is

  • Know the four places across your platforms you must run tracking and identification on

  • Learn how set the tracking and identification code correctly to track your account based funnel

  • Understand how following this guide helps you solve the cross-device challenge

Attribution across the B2B chasm

To do B2B attribution, you need something that connects the chasm. The chasm between a potential company’s first visit to your site and through the multi-stakeholder process until that B2B customer becomes a nice $-sign in your CRM.

To state the somewhat obvious, you need to start looking at: 

When did we see this company the first time.

Not when did we see this person for the first time.

Podcast 🎧: How to prove the value of your tech product with data

What do you do when you’re in a situation where: 

  • Your product handles millions of visits a month

  • Generate thousands of B2B emails as well

  • But sales get all the credit for your companies revenue

  • And you want to understand what your product and it’s usage worth? 

Well, for Ole Dallerup, Dreamdata.io CTO and cofounder, the answer was simple: 

Let’s prove our argument with data.
In this episode of the Developer on fire podcast Ole Dallerup goes deep into the topic of value in relation to technology.