Podcast 🎧: Dreamdata on the B2B revenue leadership show

It’s rare that a business purchases a product from another business on first sight. 

In fact, you could state that it never happens. Forget about it! 

Then, if there’s a lot of time between first interaction and revenue, and you lose tracking, what do you do? 

Do you just attribute all value to the sales people, when a sale finally closes? 

Probably not. 

You need to do something that the whole company finds a fair way to judge what made revenue happen.

This was the topic as Lars Grønnegaard, CEO of Dreamdata.io, participated on:
The B2B revenue leadership podcast

In the podcast Lars touches upon:

  • Why B2B attribution is messy and demands good data

  • What’s a good B2B attribution model

  • Why you are in danger, if you judge your efforts based on Google Analytics

  • Why all leads are definitely not equal worth

  • How to align sales and marketing based on revenue

Sounds pretty interesting, right? :)

Listen to the podcast here.

If any questions came to mind from listening, please send them our way.