Podcast 🎧: How to prove the value of your tech product with data

What do you do when you’re in a situation where: 

  • Your product continues to grow and handles millions of visits a month 📊

  • Generate thousands of B2B leads 💌

  • But sales get all the credit for your companies revenue 💰

  • And you want to understand what your product and it’s usage worth? 🤔


Well, for Ole Dallerup, Dreamdata.io CTO and cofounder, the answer was simple: 

Let’s prove our argument with data.

In this episode of the Developer on fire podcast Ole Dallerup goes deep into the topic of value in relation to technology and answers questions like:

  • How to define what is valuable? 

  • How do you prove what is valuable and make it quantifiable?

  • What do you need to make a minimum viable value proof?

  • How do you connect each digital touch-point of a company and understand their value?

  • How to build valuable tech products?

  • And how do you use these insights to drive future actions?

If you’re into code, tech, scaling products, businesses and teams you really don’t want to miss this podcast.

Listen to the podcast here